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Some of the Most Common Oral Health Problems

If any area in your mouth feels uncomfortable, painful, sensitive, or unusual, it’s important to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Maintaining your oral health is essential for ensuring the longevity of your teeth and gums, and your overall well-being.


Treat Problems Early

While some oral health conditions may seem minor, it’s important that all issues be evaluated by a dentist as soon as they are discovered. When diagnosed early, many problems can be relatively easy to treat. The longer an issue is overlooked, the more likely it will develop into something more severe and complicated.


Following is a list of several common oral health conditions. If you are experiencing any of these issues, make sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist.


Chipped Tooth. Even though your chipped tooth might not hurt, it’s important to have it evaluated. A chip can cause irritation, and it can look unsightly if it’s on a front tooth. Additionally, a chip can weaken a tooth, making it more susceptible to further damage.


Broken Filling. If a small piece of a filling falls out, you might wonder if it’s worthwhile to have the filling replaced, especially if the broken filling is not causing any discomfort or pain. It’s important to have a broken filling repaired to prevent bacteria from entering the exposed portion of the tooth – which can result in decay or an infection.


Bad Breath. Besides causing other people to avoid being close to you, bad breath can be a symptom of a serious oral health condition. While bad breath can be concealed by gum, mints, and mouthwash, it’s important to uncover the underlying problem.


Bleeding Gums. If your gums are red, sore, painful, and bleed when you brush and floss, you might have periodontal (gum) disease. It’s important to catch gum disease early so that it can be treated and halted. Untreated gum disease can lead to periodontitis – which when severe can eventually lead to tooth loss.


Bump or Sore. A bump or a sore in your mouth that persists for more than a couple of days should be evaluated by a dentist. While uncommon, a bump or sore can indicate the presence of oral cancer. Catching oral cancer early is important.


Sensitive Teeth. Sensitive teeth can affect your ability to enjoy certain foods and beverages, and can even discourage you from going outdoors on a cold day. There’s no reason to live with ultra-sensitive teeth if there is a quick and easy treatment that can alleviate your discomfort.


Crooked or Crowded Teeth. Many people do not realize that crooked and crowded teeth can lead to the development of several oral health problems. Crooked teeth can be difficult to keep clean, can lead to improper chewing, and can cause headaches and jaw pain. There are several orthodontic options for straightening teeth – including ClearCorect© invisible braces for adults.


If you are suffering from a common oral health problem, schedule an appointment with Brookview Dental for an evaluation. All conditions should be taken seriously, no matter how minor they might seem. We are committed to making sure you enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health!