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Fun Videos

Watch Some Fun Video

Starring the Gang at Brookview Dental


"A Banner Day at Brookview Dental"

Here's the Brookview Dental Staff premiereing
our giant banner!

"Battle at Brookview 2009"

Who says dentists don't have fun? It's the first annual 
"Battle at Brookview."

"Dentistry from the Heart"

Each year, around Valentine's Day, it gives us great joy to spend an entire Saturday providing free dentistry to those who can't afford it.

"Battle at Brookview 2010"

The area press gathered for this exciting re-match -
with a surprise ending!

"Karl Collins"

This remarkable young man was featured in a "Dentistry from the Heart" story seem on WTVG, 13 ABC.

"Great Candy Buy-Out 2011"

The local TV stations wanted to see what 400 pounds of leftover Halloween candy looked like. We showed them! 

"Smiles from the Heart 2012"

Our fifth year, and our guests still arrived the 
night before to reserve their places in line.


Here's Some Video That's NOT for the Squeamish!

(You may not want to watch these if you're visiting us soon!)

"Be A Dentist"

If you ever walk into our office and see Steve Martin
wearing doctors' scrubs, run the other way!

"David After Dentist"

It's still one of the most popular videos on YouTube. 
We thought you'd enjoy a laugh!

"Flip the Frog - Laughing Gas"

Ever wonder why impressionable young people sometime fear
going to the dentist? Maybe they've seen this cartoon!

"Tim the Dentist"

Here's Tim Conway as a bumbling dentist in this famous
skit from "The Carol Burnett Show."