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Cerec® Single-Visit Dentistry

An innovative technology, CEREC® software allows us to digitally design all-ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers in one visit! We have the skills and training to produce CEREC® crowns with ultimate precision and reliability and proudly offer this metal-free alternative as proof of our commitment to the best modern dental technology. 

As advanced CEREC® dentists, we can provide a smile preview before treatment starts using 3D imaging techniques, and with our extensive porcelain experience, produce highly customized cosmetic appearances.


Are they for everyone?
If a tooth needs a crown, then most often the answer is YES.  However, every treatment plan is individualized to meet each patient’s specific needs.

How long does it take?
99% are completed in one, 90 minute visit.

Would a white filling or silver filling work instead?
No.  A crown is indicated when a large percentage of the original tooth has been lost to decay and/or fracture. Fillings are appropriate when a tooth has a small cavity.

How much do they cost?
There is no difference in cost compared to a traditional crown.

Why does a tooth need a crown in the first place?
Old silver fillings are prone to breakage; some may have small fractures in the enamel which puts them at greater risk. Often, when an old silver filling is removed, those small enamel fractures extend deeper into the tooth. Internal cracks if left uncovered, can result in breakage of large tooth chunks. If your tooth is crowned or “capped,” it is protected from breakage.

Does a CEREC® crown work on a root-canal tooth?
Yes.  Root-canal teeth are very brittle.  Without a crown to protect it, you are 50% more likely to suffer a disastrous tooth fracture which may require gum surgery to restore, or necessitate tooth removal altogether!   A post and core for strength and retention can be incorporated into the CEREC® crown design for an all-in-one treatment of a root canal tooth.


  • Completed in one visit
  • Computer-assisted design makes for precise fitting
  • All Ceramic (porcelain) crown; more durable
  • Metal-free
  • Natural look and feel (same translucency as a natural tooth)
  • No need for a temporary crown
  • Immediate bonding allows limited tooth exposure and a healthier tooth
  • Single-visit appointment saves you time
  • Reduced carbon footprint by eliminating disposable dental materials