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Dr. Brad Barricklow

Brad Barricklow
Name: Brad Barricklow
My friends call me: “Bearclaw”
I grew up in: Sylvania
High School: Sylvania Southview
College: Ohio State University
Dental School: Ohio State University. Our education doesn't end after graduation. Each of the Brookview Dental doctors actively pursues continuing education. I recently participated in training at the Midwest Implant Institute to further my understanding of implant placement and advanced grafting techniques.
I’ve been a dentist since: 1997
I’m really good at: Removing wisdom teeth
I became a dentist because:
1. I enjoy serving people and making their experiences here as positive as possible. 
2. I like the hours.
3. As one of the three owners of our practice, we’re able to control our destiny.
4. I feel I play an important role in the community.
I love being a dentist because:
1. The technical aspects of dentistry fascinate me.
2. The field is constantly changing.
3. Some of the procedures we use are quite challenging.
4. Working with all kinds of people is a joy.
My family and I live in: Sylvania
My wife’s name is: Amy
My children’s names are: Zoe and Katherine
My favorite food: Ice cream
My favorite movie: “Caddyshack”
My favorite kind of music: classic rock, especially, “The Grateful Dead”
My favorite saying: “You win with people.” - Woody Hayes
For fun, I like to: Play golf
If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d probably be: a trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange
I wish: Ohio State beats Michigan again this year! 
My email address is: