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Dr. Tara Bingle

Tara Bingle
Name: Tara Marie Bingle
My friends call me: Tara
I grew up in: Toledo
High School: St. Ursula Academy
College: Miami University
Dental School: Ohio State University
I've been a dentist since: 2013
I'm really good at: Listening to patients. I like to form customized treatment plans for each of my patients' needs.
I became a dentist because: The medical field has always interested me. My mom was a dental assistant and led me in the direction of dentistry. I love working hands on and seeing results.
I love being a dentist because: I can help people with their health and confidence at the same time. I love meeting new people and connecting with them throughout the years.
My family and I live in: Sylvania
My husband's name is: Kevin
My favorite food is: Pizza and Mexican food- especially Loma Linda's!
My favorite movie is: "The Notebook" and "Wedding Crashers"
I once was told I look like Rachel McAdams!
My favorite kind of music: Country
My Favorite saying: "Good things come in small packages." (I'm 5 feet tall)
For fun, I like to: Travel, spend time at Posey Lake, play tennis, hang out with friends and family
If I wasn't a dentist, I'd probably be: Some type of business owner. I had a business management minor in college and loved it.
I wish: There was a cure for cancer.
My email address is: