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Patient Video Testimonials

Carol C.

Can something as simple as a wearing a bite guard at night relieve jaw pain and headaches? Hear what Carol found out!


Mike B.
What do you expect when you visit your
dentist? Mike found the perfect experience! Hear what
Mike had to say!


Ann T.
There's nothing we value more than a satisfied customer. Say hello to Ann!


Dan B.
Hear how dental implants dramatically
improved the quality of Dan's life!


Tim I.
Who would think a lip ring could cause such problems? Tim learned the hard way. Take a moment to hear Tim's story.


Richard B.
Here's another example of how dental implants
made a world of difference in someone's life.
Listen to Richard's story.


Pam W.
Jaw locking-up. Neck pain. Headaches. For Pam, wearing a properly adjusted bite guard
at night has made all the difference!


Felicia F.
Felica had a scary experience! Thanks to a visit
to Dr. Urbanik, Felicia's fears of having her jaw
lock closed are now a thing of the past!



Chris T.
What a neat guy! I think Brookview Dental has found a new cheerleader!