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Smiles from the Heart

Brookview Dental Smiles from the Heart

Our Annual Valentine's Day Gift to the Community

(Click Here to Watch TV News Coverage of the Event!)

At 9:30 PM, the first car arrived. Then another and another. By dawn, the Brookview Dental parking lot was full.

For most of those who quietly assembled, a trip to the dentist was far from routine. They needed the care. They just couldn't afford it. As the sun rose on "Smiles from the Heart" day February 11th, they wearily emerged from their cars and gathered at our door, smiling, joking, sharing a handshake and a hug. At 7:30 AM, all were anxious to get inside; partly to escape the cold, but mostly to get the dental treatment they so desperately needed.

The Brookview Dental team of doctors and hygienists, hour after hour, cleaned teeth, filled cavities and even removed teeth if needed. When all was said and done, we'd provided almost $16,000 of free dental care to the 73 adults who found their way to our door that wintry morning.

This was the fifth year that Brookview offered free dental care to those in need. In five years, we've proudly donated almost $80,000 in dental service to 475 of "Our  Neighbors, Our Friends" -  people who really needed the kindness.

"Smiles from the Heart" is an immensely rewarding experience for our employees, too. You can tell that by looking at their pictures!

Thanks to our staff for making this year's "Smiles from the Heart" such a big success!

Brookview Dental Smiles from the Heart collage

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